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Welcome to "3 Minutes to Your Big Breakthrough!"

After viewing this brief overview, you can view our next video in the playlist "The Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch" to receive our Free Course Package worth $3,000!

WHAT is included in


free elite COURSE Gift package

for our kingdom builders?


This course gift package comes complete with your own Personal Mentor, your life-transforming course material "The Keys to Everything," which also includes a Daily Focus Guide. The Course also includes Weekly Coaching Calls you can plug into and listen to at your convenience FOR LIFE! These calls will help you to stay on track with this powerful, TOP-RATED, LIFETIME success system!




NO! It is as simple as reading a good book! The only difference is that as you progress through your reading, you will be sending a daily text report to your Personal Mentor. It will only take you a few seconds to send your text each day! Your Mentor will be keeping a Tracking Sheet on you, to track your progress through the program.














All you are committing to do is to read 3 short chapters a day (or more if you like) and then send a text each day until you have finished reading the 19 chapters and the 7 Keys (all in the same coursebook), "The Keys to Everything." You will also be filling out a Daily Focus Guide as part of your Course. Most participants can easily finish their Course and Focus Guide in 10 - 21 days max! According to our participants, the entire process is very enjoyable and the life long benefits are priceless! 




The Elite Course Package valued at $3,000, is actually FREE to Kingdom Builders! The details to get your Free Package are on the orientation video, "The Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch!"


With this Couse, you will enjoy a deep spiritual detox and so much more...

  • You will discover a whole new realm of infinite possibilities that Jesus said we could walk in, and receive the Keys to fully unlock this realm so you can experience the limitless abundance, possibilities, and freedom that await you there!

  • You will Identify and permanently remove all of your negative life patterns and glass ceilings, to free yourself to break through to higher levels of success you have not yet experienced before!​​

  • You will remove any and all unforgiveness and deep bitter roots that are blocking you from opening your heart fully to love again!


  • You will receive answers to longstanding questions about life, God, faith, how it all works, and so much more!


  • You will get an opportunity to find your purpose by becoming a Life/Master Coach. This is a life-enriching program where you can truly help people in meaningful ways for life!

WHAT ARE THE MANY powerful BENEFITS of the free course

gift package?