ABOUT founder and master coach

Kay Miller

30 Years of
Inspiring Others!

Kay Miller is a very accomplished author, international speaker, business coach, minister, and entrepreneur.  In her lengthy and prestigious career as a business coach, Kay has helped numerous companies and entrepreneurs to succeed in ways they never dreamed possible, by helping them tap into and fully unlock their limitless internal resources to succeed! She uses a deeply spiritual approach, coupled with very practical and well-grounded methods to help others succeed in ways and times that are well beyond the norm.


Among her many achievements, she helped to take a corporation in Houston from $1,000,000 in annual revenues to $10,000,000 within a year. After starting her own personal development company in the early '90s with only $3,000, she rocketed her company to success making over $250,000 a month in only 2 years and helping literally thousands of people in the process. 


Kay has helped numerous business people and network marketers to become millionaires...earning her the nickname "The Millionaire Maker." Isaac McLemore, a long-time client, transformed his life from a life of destitution and drugs living on the street to one of the world's most successful network marketers earning over $500,000 a month. She also helped Jim Willingham, who had no networking experience, earn over $300,000 a month in less than a year. Through her highly advanced training, there are numerous others in various other fields who have also become millionaires!


As a speaker, Kay is very well respected. She has spoken nationally and internationally giving over 1,000 presentations to date. She has also shared the stage with the beloved Zig Ziglar. She is comfortable speaking both in the marketplace and in church settings. Companies she has previously spoken for include: AT&T, Wells Fargo, Mary Kay, Aflac, Remax, The American Business Women's Association, Keller Williams, Bank of America and Smith Barney...to name a few.


In her ministry, Kay is bringing forth a sweeping reformation of the church through her book, The Keys to Everything. She has a global mandate to awaken her brothers and sisters with supernatural revelations regarding the Kingdom Realm she received directly from Jesus in a dream in 1984. These deeper insights are so rich and powerful, they are igniting everyone who has ears to hear them with a fresh new FIRE and zeal to RUN and apply the word of God.


Individuals throughout the nation from coast to coast, are coming alive and experiencing miracles like never before. The book and daily Master Coach Calls (that are exclusive to our readers) are leading readers into entirely new realms of the miraculous, where all things become possible in the NOW!


When Kay first entered the Kingdom Realm in 1984, using the Keys in the book, she experienced 72 remarkable miracles in less than 90 days! She now speaks prophetically to the Body of Christ on behalf of the Lord, "The time has come for all deception and false teachings to be washed away by a Tsunami of TRUTH. It is time for mankind to now have the Keys to fully unlock our potential for limitless possibilities that have been hidden from us for so long!"


If you book Kay to speak at your radio show, television show, retreat, or corporate event, you will not be disappointed. She has a list of powerful, engaging and entertaining topics to speak on. Your audiences will be on the edge of their seats as she introduces fresh revelations and insights you will find nowhere else. 


If you invite Kay to speak for your congregation, she will release the prophetic word for the season, as well as provide individual prophecy, and show your congregation the new revelations needed to embrace their glorious inheritance and use the Keys to walk in the miraculous realm of the Kingdom that is at hand!


Kay also loves doing charity work, speaking for battered women's shelters, half-way houses, rehabs, prisons, hospitals, and support groups. The University will also set up libraries of Coursebooks in these various organizations for the people to freely use with no obligation whatsoever.